We do host FREE LASIK CONSULT DAYS through TLC!! 

Oconomowoc Vision Clinic is a participating provider of the Hale Vision Center, TLC Laser Eye Center, and Lasik Plus, offering co-management services to all patients. If you have thought of having lasik surgery, the first step is to make an appointment with Dr. Bjork; there, all the important questions on candidacy will be answered and the pre-lasik exam will be performed.

Surgeon Lanny B. Hale, M.D. will perform the surgery at the Hale Vision Center in Brookfield, Wisconsin. There are multiple technology options available to the accepted candidates. These technologies are NASA & Military approved. Patients will receive education information and complimentary consultation. Pricing is All-Inclusive so there are no surprises after surgery. Financing and payment plans are accepted through Care Credit. There are multiple insurances accepted at the Hale Vision Center including Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Health Care, Vision Service Plan (VSP), and EyeMed Vision Care.

The experience of TLC Laser Eye Centers' group of doctors, the thoroughness of our examinations and the personalized care we take with each patient is first rate. Insist on an experienced, quality-conscious team and you can improve your chances of the safest, best possible results.

We believe the skill of our highly trained affiliated doctors and expert support team gives you a critical advantage in achieving the best outcome. So does the vast experience each TLC Laser Eye Center doctor can draw upon as part of our group of thousands of affiliated eye care professionals. And TLC always features the latest advances in proven technology.

The Oconomowoc Vision Clinic will be there for you leading up to the surgery and after surgery to manage all follow up care.